Advisory Council

Winston Bumpus Director of Standards Architecture, VMWare

Has had over 30 years of experience in the computer industry. He is currently the President of the DMTF. He has chaired activities in other standards organizations including, OASIS, and The Open Group. Prior to VMWare he was Director of Systems Management Architecture at Dell and he was also Director of Open Technologies at Novell, Inc. He is co-author of the books "Common Information Model" and "The Foundations of Application Management." He has participated in the DMTF for over 14 years and worked on its early development of the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standards and founded and chaired its Application Management Working Group.

Mark Carlson Principal Cloud Strategist at Oracle

Mark A. Carlson, Principal Cloud Strategist at Oracle, has more than 30 years of experience with Networking and Storage development and more than fifteen year's experience with Java technology. He has spoken at numerous industry forums and events. He is the chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage, NDMP and XAM SDK technical working groups, chairs the DMTF Policy working group, serves on the SNIA Technical Council, and represents Oracle on the DMTF Technical Committee and serves as DMTF VP of Alliances.

Jim Davis CEO/CTO, WBEM Solutions

Jim Davis CEO and CTO of WBEM Solutions, has over 20 years experience in systems and network management. Jim has been the lead architect for many WBEM releated products, such as the WBEM Solutions J WBEM Server and the WBEM Agent Validation Environment (code named WAVE) to name a few.

Jim Davis is a member of the the DMTF Technical Committee, and chairs various DMTF Working Groups. Jim also acts as the Specification lead for the Java Specification Request (JSR) 48, the WBEM Services Specification, and is involved in many other management standards and open source initiatives. He has been one of the key architects of CIM and WBEM. Jim served on the DMTF Board for 5 yerars, served as the Chair of the DMTF WBEM Infrastructure and Protocol WG for 8 years and has chaired many other WG in various standards organizations. Jim also has been an expert speaker of numerous CIM and WBEM conferences, including the Management Developers Conference, DMTF Developers Conference, JavaOne, The Open Group, CA World, and Solaris Developers Conference to name a few.

Prior to co-founding WBEM Solutions, Jim spent nine years with Sun Microsystems, Inc. as a Senior Architect responsible for various system and network management technologies and products, including Java WBEM Services and Solaris WBEM Services. Prior to joining Sun in 1993, Jim worked in the Research & Development group at The Damirus Corporation.

Jeff Hilland Hewlett Packard

Jeff Hilland is a Senior Systems Architect in the Enterprise Storage & Servers Business Unit of Hewlett-Packard Company (HP). Jeff is currently the chair of the Technical Committee and also serves as co-chair of both the Server Management Work Group and the Desktop & Mobile Work Group. Jeff has spent the last 10 years driving industry standards and has served in chairing roles in both the RDMA Consortium and the InfiniBand Trade Association.

Jeff's 25-plus year career in the computing industry includes systems and server management, distributed systems architecture, system software integration, automated deployment & configuration tool development, device driver and services architecture & development and performance analysis. It has also included significant contributions to high speed intercommunications protocol development & standardization including RDMA, InfiniBand and the Virtual Interface Architecture.

Kevin Kuelbs Hewlett Packard

Kevin Kuelbs, a recent graduate from Rice University with a BS in Electrical Engineering, is Hewlett Packard's newest addition to their CDM team. Working as a software/systems engineer with the CIM and CDM standards, Kevin has become an active participant in the DMTF CDM Forum and serves as HP's Houston liaison to further usage of CDM within the various HP Global Business Units.

Karl Schopmeyer Inova Development Inc.

Mr. Schopmeyer is the President of Inova Development, a company dedicated to CIM products, and one of the original authors of OpenPegasus. He is also the chair of two workgroups in the DMTF (Applications and State/Behavior) and the Management forum in the OpenGroup.

Perry Vincent Software and Systems Architect, Intel

Perry G. Vincent is a Software and Systems Architect in the area of manageability architecture for Intel Corporation's Client Components Group. Perry's areas of focus have included modular server, server, and client system management as well as embedded firmware implementations. Most recently he has contributed to server power management and modular server management architectures. Perry was a charter member and contributing member of the DMTF Server Management Working Group (December 2003-June 2006), was the initial editor of the SM-CLP Specification, SM-CLP-to-CIM Common Mapping Specification, and several CIM profile specifications, and participated in the chartering of the DMTF Telecom Working Group. He is currently co-chair of the DMTF System Management Forum (SMF).

In addition to systems and server management, Perry's career covers many computing disciplines including communication protocol software, system software integration, multi-processor and distributed systems architecture, object-oriented design, data modeling, customer relationship management applications and server management architecture for Intel carrier-grade servers for telecom central office and other communications applications.


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